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Envision Orthokeratology has over 14 years experience in orthokeratology (Ortho-k), offering dedicated services through their Envision Optical practices on the Gold Coast.

Director Andrew Bowden has been performing Ortho-K therapy since 2004, successfully fitting patients of all ages and prescription types including myopia (shortsighted), hyperopia (long sighted), astigmatism (irregular eye shape) and presbyopia (reading glasses over 40). Personal service from your optometrist, a carefully designed individual therapy program, and access to your optometrist via mobile phone and email are the key areas of difference at Envision Orthokeratology.

Free Yourself With

Orthokeratology is all about freeing yourself from glasses and contact lenses during the day.

Giving you the opportunity to live your life with better vision and the freedom to enjoy all of the activities life offers.

About Envision Ortho-k

About Envision Ortho-k

Envision Refractive Therapy is a leading clinic in the field of refractive therapy, particularly orthokeratology (Ortho-K), using the latest technology and drawing on 15 years experience from senior optometrists who have a special interest in this exciting therapy.

From adults to children, patients receive personalised service and dedicated attention, drawing on Envision’s philosophy to provide comprehensive eye care to individuals who want the best for their health, lifestyle and image.

Andrew Bowden, owner and Optometrist, has developed a special interest in refractive therapy since undergoing training in orthokeratology in 2004 and is a member of the Oceania Society of Orthokeratology and the International Academy of Orthokeratology and Myopia Control. Andrew attends conferences and webinars throughout the year to keep up with the latest advances in treatment.

What is Ortho-k?

What is Ortho-k or Refractive Therapy?

Orthokeratology (ortho-k), involves the use of specially designed rigid gas-permeable (RGP) contact lenses to alter the shape of the cornea in order to reduce or correct myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. It has been practised for almost 40 years, but initially the results were quite variable and unpredictable.

Envision Ortho K Goldcoast lens
- Rigid Gas Permeable Contact Lens

However, in the last ten years new technology has become available to accurately map the corneal shape and manufacture lenses that will achieve a controlled and precise reduction in the eye’s optical imperfection.

In addition, new developments in lens materials have been made that enable safe overnight wear to be possible.

The technique of Ortho-k is now a safe, viable and reversible alternative to refractive surgery. The cornea, whilst being mouldable, always returns to its original shape if lens wear is stopped. For this reason, lenses are always worn nightly, or alternate nights after the ideal corneal shape has been achieved in order to retain the effect.

You simply sleep in your lenses, then wake up and remove them, and enjoy clear vision all day!

Why have Ortho-K done?

The main purpose of Ortho-K is to be free of both spectacles and contact lenses throughout the day. This freedom of clear vision appeals to spectacle and contact lens wearers and is ideal for:

  • Contact lens wearers who suffer with dry eyes or can’t comfortably wear contacts through the day
  • People who are unsuitable for laser corrective surgery
  • People who just don’t want to have surgery
  • Laser candidates who are still changing in prescription
  • Sportspeople and people who enjoy active lifestyles and watersports
  • Those who work in dusty or dirty environments
  • Or people who just find spectacles and conventional contact lenses inconvenient.
  • In addition, those who need to have a certain degree of uncorrected vision to satisfy their employers or a licensing body (e.g. drivers, police) can also be helped by Ortho-K.

What does the initial visit involve?

The initial assessment appointment includes a full eye examination and computerised corneal topographical mapping. This gives the optometrist a chance to assess both the general condition and health of the eyes and also to determine the likely effect of the procedure in that individual. 

Envision Ortho K Goldcoast topography scan 40q
- Corneal Topography Scan

Ortho-K contact lenses, made from highly oxygen permeable rigid material, are then fitted using the results of the corneal map to gently reshape the cornea to correct the patient’s prescription.

These will be worn for an initial trial and the response evaluated. This will typically take place overnight with a review the next morning. The effect should be a reduction of the initial prescription with improvement in the unaided eyesight. The corneal health will be carefully evaluated to ensure that it is not compromised. Only when the patient demonstrates an excellent response to the orthokeratology trial will the treatment programme commence.


What does Ortho-k involve?

Once a patient has shown the appropriate response to a trial, custom-made corneal molding lenses will be ordered. After these lenses have been fitted, the patient will start to wear the lenses on a regular basis, typically overnight. For the first week the vision may not be sufficiently good for all day-to-day activities. In these circumstances, daily disposable soft contact lenses will be worn during the day. After the first 2-4 weeks, excellent vision and comfort are normally maintained whilst wearing Ortho-K lenses. Occasionally more than one set of lenses are required to effect the desired change.

Envision Ortho K Goldcoast

As most of the visual changes occur rapidly in the first few weeks, fairly frequent examinations and possible lens changes need to take place then. Stabilisation procedures then follow at a slower pace over the next few weeks. The programme length varies between 1 and 3 months depending upon the degree of visual error. The fees for orthokeratology include all visits in the first year.

The final wearing time depends on many variables, but the treatment aim is good unaided vision most or all waking hours, with lenses being worn overnight. Some patients will be able to wear their lenses every second night.

Who Is Suitable for Ortho-k Treatment?

Is everyone suitable for Ortho-K?

Yes potentially! Advances in technology have seen the range of corrective options widen to include low and high myopia, moderate astigmatism, hyperopia and presbyopia. So if you wear multifocals or only need reading glasses, you are now a great candidate! There are several unknown factors for each individual; the complexity of the corneal shape and the response of the cornea itself. Thus the speed of corneal moulding from one individual to the next will vary. Whilst the success rate is very high, total success cannot be guaranteed due to these factors.

Myopia Control

Myopia Control (short-sighted)

Myopia or short-sightedness is one of the visual defects that causes blurred distance vision. It is usually a progressive disorder that increases significantly between the ages of 10-20 yrs. Myopia progression can happen for a few reasons. Usually it occurs because the eye grows too long and light is not focused correctly onto the retina.

New research indicates that the progression of shortsightedness may be caused by peripheral retinal blur. This new theory states that while glasses and daytime contact lenses focus light accurately on the central retina (i.e. macula), they do not focus light on the peripheral retina very well. In fact, glasses and daytime contact lenses actually focus light behind the peripheral retina and not on it! New research shows this peripheral defocus will cause the eye to grow longer so that the peripheral retina comes into focus. Unfortunately, this excessive growth of the eyes leads to a progression in myopia.

With Ortho-K therapy moulds, they reshape the front surface of the eye to focus light clearly on both the peripheral and the central retina. Glasses and daytime contact lenses cannot do this. Hence Ortho-K therapy is the most effective method for slowing (or sometimes halting) the progression of myopia.

In 2005, data from the Longitudinal Orthokeratology Research in Children (LORIC) study indicated that Ortho-k was effective in controlling childhood myopia progression. Results from more recent clinical trials, such as the Stabilizing Myopia by Accelerated Reshaping Technique (SMART) study and the Corneal Reshaping and Yearly Observation of Myopia (CRAYON) study, have yielded additional information regarding the safety and efficacy of Ortho-k for myopia control.

The SMART study, a five-year study initiated in 2009, is currently underway to evaluate the effect of Ortho-k on myopia progression in 138 patients under the age of 15. The results from the first year showed that subjects wearing Ortho-k lenses had no progression in myopia compared to an average of -0.50D in the control group. In the two-year CRAYON study, researchers confirmed that patients who were fitted with Ortho-k lenses experienced significantly less annual change in axial length and vitreous chamber depth than patients fitted with soft contact lenses.

These results confirmed data from previous studies by showing that Ortho-k lenses slow or in some case halt the progression of myopia. At this stage, researchers have also determined that substantial anatomic variations occur among children which can reduce the clinician’s ability to accurately predict final visual outcome before starting Ortho-k therapy. Therefore we are not currently able to predict what your final prescription will be in 5-10 years, but the evidence is so compelling that we are able to state that with Ortho-k therapy, your final prescription will be significantly less than if only glasses or daytime contacts are prescribed.


What Are The Benefits of Ortho-k?

Does Ortho-K have any advantages over
laser surgery (LASIK)?


  • The prescription does not need to be stable for 1-2 years before undergoing treatment.​
  • It does not cause the permanent hazy vision experienced by some patients following laser surgery caused by scarring.
  • Changes in prescription over time can be dealt with without further surgery.
  • The procedure is reversible (laser is not).​
  • There is a very significant understanding of the effects of contact lens wear on the cornea, because of the many years of lens use. LASIK long term effects are not completely understood.​
  • There is no post-operative pain or recovery period​.
  • Ortho-K is significantly cheaper.​
  • Ortho-K does not preclude surgery in the future.

What are the advantages of Ortho-K?

  • Good vision without spectacles or contact lenses for most of the day.
  • It is not a surgical procedure.
  • It is reversible.
  • It is modifiable.
  • It does not hurt.
  • It slows down the increase in myopia in children.
  • Using well established contact lens fitting techniques mean there are very few risks.

What are the disadvantages of Ortho-K?

  • You must be prepared to allow 4-6 visits over 3-6 months.
  • Continued lens wear is essential or the cornea will revert to its original shape.
  • The degree of success is high but cannot always be guaranteed.
  • The speed of reduction in prescription varies from one person to the next. Patience is the key!
  • You must follow the instructions of our treatment program implicitly for the best results.

Why choose Envision for your treatment?

  • Experienced in ortho-k therapy for over 10 years and members of the Orthokeratology Society of Oceania and the International Academy of Orthokeratology and Myopia Control.
  • Offer multiple treatment systems to ensure a completely customised result for each individual.
  • We use the latest scanning technology in corneal topography and OCT to ensure the most accurate results possible.
  • Personalised care: we are locals and always available for emergencies.
  • Emergency access: In the rare event of any problems, you will have your optometrists personal mobile number to use in case of emergency.
  • Andrew and Cassie are both qualified to prescribe medications to treat eye infections or inflammation

How Much Does Ortho-k Cost?

How much does it cost?

The Ortho-K Therapy Program will involve several appointments and is designed based on your individual prescription and eye shape measurements. The time required in designing the individual Therapy Program varies depending on these factors so there are several different fee structures to reflect this. Your Therapy Program fees will be explained in detail at the conclusion of your initial examination.

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